Let’s Con Realities

Let’s Con Realities
“Forever is overrated; I’ll give you something timeless instead.”
Status: Currently Writing

° ° °
[Full-Length Story]
An Eternity of Eclipse
External from soompi image
“Thou shall not covet the Sun and the Moon.”° ° ° 

Future Writing Projects:

° ° °
 [ Full-length Story]
Petals to Wonderland
External from soompi image
“History will be made.” ° ° °

° ° °[Full-Length Story]
Velvet Dragonflies
External from soompi image

“The things of legends are waiting .” ° ° °

° ° °
[Full-Length Story]
Winds of Serendipity
External from soompi image
“There are Gods, and then there are Titans.”° ° °

Status: Completed

° ° °
[Full-Length Story]
Welcome to the Underworld
External from soompi image
“You’ll tell me what it feels like, right? When you find Paris?° ° °



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