Welcome to the Underworld – Book 1- Status Update

Hi everyone =),

First off all, I wanted to express my biggest apology for not providing all of you a proper update about what’s going on with the publishing of Welcome to the Underworld. Ever since my first official announcement, I’ve been taken aback by everything that dealt with publishing one’s own book. From editing the story, to finding the proper place to publish, to formatting the book, to deciding on the cover and to a multitude of other things (like my other obligations in life), time really just flew by for me.

I also didn’t truly take into account that I wrote the beginning chapters of WTTU 4 years ago. I had forgotten how young of a writer I was back then – I had forgotten how much my writing has evolved since I first posted my story years ago. My initial vision was to simply edit the story on the surface level. However, when I reread my work, I couldn’t help but look at everything with a much more critical eye. I said to myself, “You are sharing your work on a different platform now. Mistakes that were forgivable as an online writer no longer applies when you are publishing your story through actual books/ebooks.” So that is the primary reason why I haven’t been able to publish the story as of yet. I do not want to publish something just because I can make an easy buck out of it. I want to publish something I’m proud of and I want to publish something that is worthy of all the support you’ve given me. As I’ve said years before, for everything that you’ve given me, you deserve nothing but the very best that I could give you.

I gave everything I could give to WTTU 4 years ago but I’ve grown as a writer since then and I feel that I have more to give now.

In saying this, I hope to publish Book 1 of WTTU in late November or early December but please don’t hold me to it – not until I give an official date. There still several things about the publishing of WTTU that I haven’t finalized. I want the book to come out on a particular day in November because it’s meaningful to me but I won’t sacrifice the quality of the book to meet a silly goal. You deserve nothing but the best of what I can give you and I won’t publish anything that’s any less than that.

So again, thank you for all your patience.

I’ve been through a whirlwind in the course of the past few months. I haven’t been getting enough sleep, I’ve been exhausted, I’ve been sick, I’ve been stressed and I’ve been overwhelmed but in the same token, I’ve never felt more at peace with the journey I’ve taken. This is what I’m meant to be doing right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I’ve said before, writing can be a very solitary journey – and in many moments, it can be a very discouraging one. Having said this, I cannot thank all of you enough for everything that you’ve given to me. It means the world to me to receive such supportive, heartwarming and kind messages. Everyday you humble me and everyday, you give me energy to preserve through the difficult parts of this experience.

It’s been a long, unexpected journey and I’m excited for the next chapter. I hope to announce WTTU-Book 1’s release date as soon as everything is finalized but until then, thank you again for your continued support. You are the best readers in the world <3.

Until the next update,