An Eternity of Eclipse-Currently on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestsellers!


I’m so overjoyed right now! An Eternity of Eclipse is currently on Amazon’s Kindle Top 100 Bestseller for Romance Fantasy and Horror books!

I wanted quickly thank everyone who has purchased AEOE’s paperback book and/or AEOE’s eBook so far! I’m incredibly excited for AEOE and all the upcoming plots that will be revealed as the series progresses. Suffice to say, I feel so, so grateful for all your support with the series’ first book. I truly hope you enjoy this book and the five remaining books to come =)!

If you haven’t made a purchase yet, here are the links for your convenience!

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I love you all so much! Thank you so much again for being so wonderful and supportive. None of this would have been possible without you ❤

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An Eternity of Eclipse has been Released!

An Eternity of Eclipse has been Released!

AEOE-Book Cover

Book Release Date: August 30, 2015

An Eternity of Eclipse – Physical Book:

An Eternity of Eclipse – eBook:

An Eternity of Eclipse – Physical Book on Amazon:

Book Summary:

On the surface, Grace Hwang is an average 20-year-old girl. She is soft-spoken, kind, and has a warm heart—at least this is what she has led others to believe.

But Grace has a secret.

At the age of 6, she was accused of murdering her entire family (an event she has no memory of). From that moment on, she has led life as a sadistic girl who revels in the misery of others. Grace’s evil tendency has been her most well-kept secret . . . until a mysterious supernatural entity—the strikingly gorgeous Demon of Lust—enters her life to claim what’s left of her humanity.

He not only wants her soul, but he also wants to turn her into a Demon.

Grace’s world is shaken to its core. She has always known that she was born different. Now, with the Prince of Hell after her soul, she will find out just how different—and dangerous—she is.

Something evil is coming to this world . . . and Grace is going to be the source of it all.

Read the first 6 Chapters for free here: AEOE’s First 6 Chapters

An Eternity of Eclipse-Teaser

Hi Everyone!

It’s been so long since I last blogged here and I’ve missed it so! I will definitely be returning to the blog with more entries and updates very soon but before that, I wanted to announce that I’m looking to release the first book in a new book series, An Eternity of Eclipse, later this month (August 30th, 2015)!

I will be posting up the first 6 Chapters here for you to read and get to the know the characters and get a sense of what the story entails. I will be doing this up until the release of the book on Sunday, August 30th.

Thank you so much for all your continued support! I truly hope you enjoy and I cannot wait to take you on this new adventure ❤

Let’s begin =)

An Eternity of Eclipse

AEOE-Book Cover

Book Release Date: August 30th, 2015

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     “Something big is coming . . .”

AEOE-Breaking News