An Eternity of Eclipse-Teaser

Hi Everyone!

It’s been so long since I last blogged here and I’ve missed it so! I will definitely be returning to the blog with more entries and updates very soon but before that, I wanted to announce that I’m looking to release the first book in a new book series, An Eternity of Eclipse, later this month (August 30th, 2015)!

I will be posting up the first 6 Chapters here for you to read and get to the know the characters and get a sense of what the story entails. I will be doing this up until the release of the book on Sunday, August 30th.

Thank you so much for all your continued support! I truly hope you enjoy and I cannot wait to take you on this new adventure ❤

Let’s begin =)

An Eternity of Eclipse

AEOE-Book Cover

Book Release Date: August 30th, 2015

° ° °

     “Something big is coming . . .”

AEOE-Breaking News


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