Con’s Tuesday Night Musings


Tuesday Night Vibes 💭 ✨ 🌙 :I’m feeling an incredible sense of gratitude tonight.

This past holiday weekend, An Eternity of Blood Moon not only made it onto the Top 100 in the Literature & Fiction, Horror-Occult section for the Kindle eBook store within its first day of release, but I was also fortunate enough to stand alongside a dear friend for her beautiful wedding. I spent the last few days laughing endlessly with loved ones and feeling immensely honored by all the messages I received in response to AEOBM’s release

I can’t thank all of you enough for your supportive words of encouragement and for showering my stories with so much love. I honestly feel so blessed to have such a supportive family–both on and offline. You’ve been with me through the release of 7 books (and some of you have been with me since the beginning–when I had no idea where this passion for writing was going to take me).

I still pinch myself sometimes because I still can’t believe that there are people from different parts of the world who would take the time to join me in my crazy imaginations. I still can’t believe that you would take the time to read my books, beta-edit my stories, create book covers for my books, send me reader-photos of your books, send me FB messages, tweet me, mail me letters/packages, send me inspired drawings of my work, create fan-made youtube “trailers” for my stories, ask for my address so you can mail me an invitation to your wedding, and even name your newborn after one of my characters. I’ve always been a reclusive writer so writing things like this is something that I’m not accustomed to, but I feel too much gratitude for you to not share it

So once again, thank you for everything. You’ve made this ride so fun and rewarding, and I truly can’t wait to go on more adventures together.

Thank you so much again for being my reader–for being my “Paris” =)♥




An Eternity of Blood Moon-Kindle Store Top 100 for Occult Horror


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