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Writer of “Welcome to the Underworld ” & “An Eternity of Eclipse” =)


10 thoughts on “About Con

  1. ayushi patel says:

    I first came across you’re story on soompi, and to be honest i loved it so much and got so emotionaly involved into the book itself that i couldnt finish it, afraid of the ending. So today while i was surffing the net and i came across this (that its being publish as a book . ) i got so excited ! and i have decided to finally read it again from the start and this time finish it.

    ps- i love you!!

    • Con.template says:

      Hi Ayushi, thank you so much for your sweet message! Although my response is so very delayed, I want you to know how much I appreciate your message. I’m truly so touched. Thank you for taking the time to write me such a lovely note. I feel so honored to have you as my reader. You rock =)<3!

      P.S. I love you too =)!

  2. Jenny says:

    To be honest, I’m devastated that WTTUW is no longer available on soompi because I never got around to finishing it, meaning I will never know what happened to the protagonist in the past. I’m also unable to purchase it because I have no access to buying online. However, because you had managed to have it published (Yes, long overdue congratulations…) I’m really happy!! I really love your writing especially in Eternity of Eclipse. I think I’ll quickly finish it before it goes unavailable on soompi. However, I too also have time constraints so might not ever get around to doing so.

  3. lostfangirl says:

    hi con! 🙂 so just like the others… i first read WTTU on soompi, and it took me awhile to contemplate whether to finish it or not because as i was getting nearer and nearer to the ending, i’m having second thoughts about continuing to read it because i swear my heart won’t take it if what i think will happen will happen… since then… i haven’t read it still because just the thought of it rips me apart like it’s as if i’m choi yoori/an soojin … so i hope i’ll come to that point that i’m ready to know what happened.. i’m getting ready for that moment.. hahah..

    anyways, it’s been a long journey for you con! you’ve gone too far already! CONGRATULATIONS to your new book! Congratulations in advance to your success!! ^^ i’ll always be your supporter ! Fighting con!! ^^

    P.S. Oh how I missed Eclipse and Gracie already!! can’t wait for more Ashtray-Teacup interaction!!! sheezz! can you send my greetings to Eclipse please? can you tell him I LUST HIM? heheh.. I’ll wait for a reply from him! and also gracie! please tell her hi! ^^ kkkkkk~

  4. Nika Dobrev ✩☽ (@yunikalauren) says:

    Hi Con!!! I’ve read about your Welcome to the Underworld on soompi for like 3 years ago already. I’m very happy that I got a copy of it before it was taken out so now I have the chance to reread it all over again but I promise you!! I won’t give out copies of it unless you want me to.

    Are the books published here in the Philippines? I’ve already searched one of the leading bookstores here but there is none. I’m hoping that Philippines will finally sell out copies of your WTTU books. Please reply to me asap. I love you just as much as I love your work!!!

    PS, i made my tumblr username queenoftheunderworld 🙂

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